Design Ideas For A Garden Walkway

A garden walkway is very important for the look and functionality of your garden. It makes the garden easy to traverse and protects the lawn from getting destroyed. This is why it is important that you spend time making sure that you choose the best design for your walkway. This article will cover some of the best design ideas that you should consider. The main thing to consider when buying garden supplies for your walkway is to pick materials that have the aesthetic look that you desire and are also functional. Here is a list of garden supplies to consider.

Pea Gravel from a Stone Supplier

A classic design for garden paths and walkways is pea gravel. You can pick this up from any stone supplier and have it delivered to your property. You will want to prep the path by laying down a layer of weed barrier. This is a material that prevents weeds from growing up through the stones. This weed barrier is important because it keeps your path looking nice. If you forget to lay down the weed barrier, you will have to manually remove a lot of tiny weeds.

Large Flagstones

Another option for you to consider is a flagstone walkway. These are larger and more solid than pea gravel. You can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes at your local stone supplier. The great things about flagstones are that they are large and easy to walk on. So, if you envision hosting parties where people might wear high heels, for instance, then flagstone is ideal. Also, they are less likely to get muddy. If it rains, a pea gravel path can get muddy, which will mess up your shoes. A flagstone path is better because the stones will get wet, but not muddy.

In order to make sure that the flagstones don't shift in the path, it is important to dig a base in the soil and lay them correctly. Some people space flagstone with nothing but grass in between, while other people prefer to lay a long path of pea gravel and set the flagstone down in the gravel.

Cedar Mulch over Pea Gravel

If you prefer to use cedar mulch, then you should still use pea gravel from a stone supplier. The design here is to lay down a layer of gravel and then put the mulch on top of it. This makes the mulch layer more resistant to ground moisture as well as more sturdy. The upside to using mulch over gravel is that the mulch is softer. This is preferable if you desire to walk barefoot around the yard.  

To learn more, contact a stone supplier.

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