How Landscaping Gravel Can Be Used For Various Yard Projects

Gravel is the perfect landscaping material for many projects around your yard. It comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so it's a good material no matter what type of home or yard you have. Plus, gravel is affordable unless you want to buy more expensive imported varieties. Here are some ways to use landscaping gravel in your yard.

To Keep Weeds Away From Your Air Conditioner

Create a border around your outdoor air conditioner to keep weeds away that can block airflow. You can surround the AC with bare gravel or add in plants to add color. Just choose plants that stay low to the ground and don't get bushy so they won't crowd the AC. Gravel is excellent at allowing for adequate water drainage, so water will drain away from your AC unit quickly. In this way, gravel makes the AC unit area more attractive while protecting it.

Make Paths That Connect Parts Of Your Yard

If you're trying to grow a lush lawn, it helps if you keep people from walking on the grass. A gravel pathway is one solution since it's easy to install and attractive. Crushed gravel is a good choice for a pathway since it provides good traction and is easy to walk on. Plus, crushed gravel has a natural, pleasing appearance that blends in well as the path winds around flowers and through the lawn. You can get creative with gravel paths since they are easy to shape when compared to rigid pavers you have to alter if you want a curved design.

Use Gravel For Its Beauty

Flowers are beautiful by themselves, but when they're surrounded by smooth pea gravel, a flower bed is made even more beautiful. Pea gravel is even attractive enough to use as a ground cover in areas that are difficult to mow. When you think of gravel, you may imagine large white jagged rocks or white crushed stones, but gravel is also available in colors such as blue, brown, and golden-yellow. Plus, some types of gravel are round and smooth so they have a pleasing appearance when used as mulch or ground cover. If you have trouble growing plants and you don't have an irrigation system, then using gravel to create a rock garden rather than a flower garden will give your yard color that is practically maintenance-free.

Consider the places in your yard that could benefit from some color, improved drainage, or cover, and then visit a landscaping center to look at options for gravel. You can have landscaping gravel delivered in bulk for your big jobs or buy it by the bag for smaller projects.

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