Have A Lot Of Lawn To Mow? Choosing Between A Lawn Mower And A Lawn Tractor

If you have a lot of lawn that you have to mow it can take up a lot of time. By having the right type of lawn mower or lawn tractor, however, your mowing time will be drastically reduced. Your lawn will always look great also. To help you decide what you would like to purchase below is information about lawn mowers and lawn tractors.

Lawn Mower

There are many types of lawn mowers on the market today that you can choose. There are, however, only two types of cutting systems available for lawnmowers.

One type of cutting system is the reel mower, also known as cylinder mower, which has approximately 8 to 12 cutting blades that are in the front of the mower. When the mower is going the blades rotates and cut the grass. The number of blades makes a difference in how the mower cuts. If you want a great cut purchase a mower that has the most blades.

One disadvantage of this type of cutting system is that it can only cut on low. This means if the grass is too long it would not work well. Because of this you will have to mow at least two times a week or once a week, depending on how quickly your grass grows.

You also have to maintain the blades to ensure the mower cuts the grass well. This means keeping the blades at the right adjustment. The owner's manual that comes with your lawnmower will give you instructions on how to do this.

Another type of cutting system is known as the rotary system. A rotary lawn mower has one blade that rotates. The blade spins very fast while the lawn mower is driving and cuts the grass. This type of mower will cut short and long grass.  Because you can get a much lower cut with a rotary lawn mower you will not have to mow your lawn as often.

Lawn Tractor

If your lawn is not level a lawn tractor would work better for you. Some lawn tractors have an hour meter. This tells you when you last changed the oil or did other types of maintenance to the tractor. In some cases, you can link the tractor up with your smartphone using an app. This way you will be sent a message when it is time to do maintenance on your tractor.

You have the option to choose a lawn tractor that can be changed from one blade to multiple blades. You can purchase a mulching bag to place on the tractor if you prefer. This allows you to save cut grass and leaves to use as mulch on flower gardens.

Many lawn tractors have a cutout that lets you see how much fuel is in the tractor. This makes things much easier for you. Purchase a tractor that has a high back set to make it much more comfortable for you while you are mowing. There are mowers that have cup holders, so you can bring a drink along with you.

Talk with a lawn mower and lawn tractor dealer, like Wagoner Power Equipment, to learn much more about them.

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