Plan On Renting A Storage Unit? Make Sure You Do Not Bring Any Pests Along

The garage is a place with a lot of flexibility in regard to usage. You may have used it to store all sorts of things over the past few years, but this does mean that you will need to find a new home for these items when you are interested in turning the garage into a workspace or even using it for keeping cars. The three options include parting ways with the items, cluttering your home with them, or using a storage unit. Storage facilities often have a variety of unit sizes that you can look at to determine what you need. But, most importantly, you want to make sure you do not end up bringing any pests with your items.

Replace Cardboard with Plastic

If you have not touched most of what has been stored away in your garage for some time, you might not know about all of the critters that could be hiding in the cracks, crevices, boxes, and bags. Before you get a storage unit, you should make it a top priority to eliminate all cardboard in the garage and for storage. There are just too many insects that eat cardboard that can wreak havoc on your items. Plastic bins are the best way to keep this from happening while still giving you the same function of cardboard boxes.

Cockroach Prevention

One of the most difficult pests to deal with is the cockroach. The last thing you want to do is bring a cockroach infestation from your home to your storage unit, which will make two places that you have to deal with such a mess. Eliminating cockroaches is not an easy task as they are quick and sturdy. It is possible to go through all of the belongings that you intend on storing and put them into plastic bins. This might make you feel confident that there will be no cockroaches in the storage unit. But you have to watch out for the eggs that can hatch new ones in massive numbers. The most effective way to stop the eggs from being a problem is to introduce growth regulators that prevent them from hatching.

Protect Your Clothes

Moths are also a concern because they can tear up your bedding, clothing, and fabric in general. So make it a top priority to wash all of the things made of fabric before you put them in bins to go into storage. The rest revolves around prevention in the affected area, which is best accomplished with traps.

By following this advice, you should be able to rent a storage unit and not have to worry about pests.

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