3 Benefits You Will Enjoy When You Switch To An Organic Fertilizer

Having a colorful and lush garden is the goal of many homeowners. Without quality soil, it's impossible to grow healthy and vibrant plants. Using a fertilizer can be beneficial when it comes to improving the quality of your soil. Opting to invest in an organic fertilizer can provide you with many benefits outside of just an aesthetically pleasing garden.

Here are three benefits that you will enjoy when you switch from a chemical to an organic fertilizer in the future.

1. It's difficult to over-fertilize with an organic product.

Although fertilizers are designed to provide life-sustaining nutrients to your plants, too much fertilizer can create a highly concentrated soil that will actually harm your plants over time. Over-fertilization will cause your plants to yellow, your flowers to wilt, and the leaves to drop from your greenery.

Since organic fertilizers contain a smaller amount of nutrients, the potential for damaging your plants through over-fertilization with an organic product is almost non-existent.

2. Organic fertilizers can last longer.

The nutrients provided by an organic fertilizer come from the natural breakdown of organic materials within the fertilizer itself. Since this breakdown creates a slow release of nutrients, an organic fertilizer can actually provide your plants with access to quality soil over a longer period of time.

Chemical fertilizers often need to be reapplied seasonally to ensure their effectiveness, but you will not need to fertilize as often when you opt to invest in an organic product instead.

3. Organic fertilizers are safer for the environment.

Using an organic fertilizer means that you are applying a product that is environmentally friendly. As an organic fertilizer breaks down in the soil, it will not release harmful substances into the groundwater supply nearby.

This means that there is no risk of potentially contaminated water run-off, and the risk of highly concentrated fertilizer nutrients damaging surrounding plant life is minimal with an organic product. If you are concerned about reducing your impact on the environment, making the switch to an organic fertilizer can be beneficial in helping you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

When you make the choice to switch to an organic fertilizer for your garden, you are able to enjoy the benefits associated with these natural products. Organic fertilizers won't harm your plants through over-fertilization, continue to improve soil quality by releasing nutrients long after they are applied, and won't harm the surrounding environment. 

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