3 Tips To Make Your Garden Party More Accessible

An estimated 30.6 million Americans report that they have difficulty walking, standing, or climbing stairs. Living with a physical disability can make it challenging for an individual to attend an outdoor party. If you are planning a garden party this summer, taking the time to ensure your event is accessible will allow those with mobility challenges to participate in your party.

Here are three tips you can use to make your outdoor gathering more accessible.

1. Create level pathways.

One of the challenges that those with mobility issues face when attending outdoor parties is navigating uneven ground. Grass can be difficult to walk across for those with balance issues, and individuals who rely on a walker or wheelchair may find themselves limited to a small section of concrete at an outdoor event.

Creating level pathways using decorative pavers will help all of your guests move freely around your backyard. By installing decorative pathways in your yard, you give those with mobility issues the ability to access a safe and stable surface to walk or move across.

2. Provide comfortable seating.

For those who have mobility challenges, standing for extended periods of time might be out of the question. In order to ensure that your guests have comfortable places to gather and visit with one another, you should plan to provide some comfortable seating areas.

If you need to supplement your existing outdoor furniture collection in order to accommodate your guests' seating needs, renting a few pieces for your event can be an affordable solution. Look for patio sectionals and outdoor chairs that have soft cushions to make your garden party more accessible to those with physical limitations.

3. Incorporate additional lighting.

If your garden party will be held in the evening, visibility could become a problem for those with mobility issues. Being able to clearly see any obstacles or uneven sections of ground plays an important role in ensuring that your guests who have physical limitations can safely navigate your outdoor living area.

Don't rely on a single outdoor light to provide the visibility your guests need. Renting some strands of lighting or floodlights can be a great way to add to the ambiance and safety of your garden event.

Including those with physical disabilities on your garden party's guest list means that you must ensure your party is accessible. Add some decorative pathways, and rent some additional seating and lighting to help your outdoor living space meet the needs of your physically disabled guests.

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